Escape weekend

Two unforgettable days on the legendary Appalachian Trail


Saturday 7:30AM


Sunday 7:00PM




2 days (18 miles)

Meeting location

175 Street Station, Manhattan, NY

Treat your mind and push your body with this epic 18-mile hike on the legendary Appalachian Trail (AT) which runs continuously from Georgia to Maine. The Lemon Squeezer to Bear Mountain Lodge hike is one of the most technical (and famous) sections of the whole AT.

On day 1 we’ll start to ascend almost right away toward the Green Pond Mountain, which offers a beautiful balance of dense forest and awesome geological formations. At the summit of Green Pond Mountain (1000 ft elevation already!) we’ll admire beautiful views of western mountain ranges and Sterling Forest State Park.

After a quick snack break, we’ll follow the AT, passing gentle springs and charming wooden bridges. Your Escape guide will teach you water filtration techniques, and you will quickly master the art of pumping water for our small tribe. Soon we’ll reach a huge rock formation that is home to the Lemon Squeezer, a three-foot-high by one-foot-wide path between two rocks. The weird angle adds to the entertainment and the challenge, as we find creative ways to maneuver. We’ll carry our backpacks on top of our heads and help each other through. Everyone always makes it, and you’ll feel very proud of yourself when you do!

Then we’ll say goodbye to the Lemon Squeezer and climb Island Pond, a beautiful mountain that offers grassy and open areas, full of light and sun at the summit. It’s an ideal picnic spot to rest our bodies.

Our afternoon journey will bring us through various kinds of terrains and landscapes, including swamps, forests, and grassy areas. We’ll walk for 5 hours, our bodies will get strong, and our minds will power us onward.

After passing through the middle of an epic rhododendron forest, we will reach our campsite under the trees. We will set up our camp, and your guide will teach you how to build an efficient and safe campfire. At the camp we may meet a few thru-hikers, coming from Georgia and going to Maine (the Appalachian Trail takes about 6 months to fully complete, it’s the adventure of a lifetime!). We will eat delicious and hot hiking meals (provided by us, which we’ll cook together). After our meal we’ll sit together, relaxing by the fire, before going to sleep in our cozy tents and surrendering to absolute silence.

We will wake up early on Day 2, and after a hearty breakfast we will immediately start to climb. It’s a healthy challenge, but the epic views of the whole Harriman State Park and the Hudson Valley at the summit really make it worth it. We’ll have our lunch with a view and pause for some epic photos.

On the second part of the day, after we make our way alongside geological formations, through shady forested areas and down natural steps, we will slowly but surely reach the bottom of our last challenge: Bear Mountain. It takes an hour and a half to reach the summit with an elevation gain of 1200 ft. We will cheer each other when we reach the top (some of our previous Escapers have shed some tears of joy!) There is nothing more rewarding than making it to the top and finishing a challenging 2-day hike, tired but deeply happy and refreshed.

At the Bear Mountain Lodge, a huge wooden cabin in the middle of the forest next to a lake, we will have a well-deserved drink. Then we’ll meet our Escape driver and head home. In the van, you may have the energy to chat with your new Escape best friends, or you may fall asleep with a smile on your face. You will be back in the city around 7pm, feeling stronger, wilder, and more confident... same-same but a little different.

Perfect for: Experienced or athletic hikers who want to experience a thru-hike section, meet thru-hikers, and try an unforgettable adventure. This Escape is a 5-person adventure (4 clients/1 guide).


  • Expert guide - wilderness first responder
  • Transportation
  • Park permits
  • First Aid items
  • Water filtration system
  • Delicious hiking meals and cooking gear
  • Bear spray and bells


  • Comfortable athletic clothing
  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking socks (Smart Wool socks)
  • Hat
  • Fleece jacket
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray


    A detailed checklist of what to bring with tips and advice will be sent as soon as you book your adventure.

    If you pick the "all gear included" option at checkout, the items below will be provided by Escape. Each item has been tested (and approved) in the wilderness by the fabulous women of the tester team. If you already have these hiking and camping items at home, you can choose the "no gear included" option and bring your own.

    No Gear? No Problem!

    Most of us don't have hiking and camping gear and don't want to buy it just for one or two weekends per year. Escape provides all necessary gear that is high quality, durable and designed FOR women.

    Pick the "all gear included" option at check-out and all these items will be waiting for you in our Escape Van the day of departure.

    tent icon


    Backpack icon


    sleeping bag liner icon

    Sleeping Bag Liner

    hiking poles icon

    Hiking Poles

    first aid kit icon

    First Aid Kit

    sleeping bag icon

    Sleeping Bag

    headlamp icon


    sleeping pad icon

    Inflatable Sleeping Pad

    rain jacket icon

    Rain Protection

    pillow icon

    Camping Pillow

    Is this Escape only for women?
    Yes, Escape is a company dedicated to women and sisterhood in the outdoors. we want time away from our partners or children. We want to show ourselves and the world that we don’t need a man to guide us in the forest. We have our own way to enjoy being in the wilderness, and it is just as good and valuable. Most of the hiking companies in NYC are for both women and men, so we invite you to contact them if you are a man or if you want to share this kind of amazing experience with both men and women.
    I don’t have hiking experience can I book this Escape?
    This is a challenging high intensity two-day hike with a total elevation gain of 2200ft. This trail is highly technical: be prepared for some rough terrain. We will hike for 8 to 9 hours/day during 2 days, carrying a 22 lbds backpack. The Escape Weekend is for experienced or athletic hikers only.
    What will I eat?
    Escape plan and provide the menus for the whole weekend for every group member. It is high quality hiking food, vegetarian only. Our guides are specialized in menu planning for overnight hikes and make sure that the food you will get is yummy, comforting and fit your body’s needs.
    Will I share a tent?
    If you have your own, you can bring it (pick the No gear included option at checkout) and you don’t have to share. If you pick the Gear included option, the Escape’s tents are for 2 persons and you will share it with another group member.
    I don’t have hiking shoes, where can I buy good ones?
    We recommend our clients the Ahnu Women's Sugarpine Hiking Boot. A good quality-price balance, a nice design, this boots are waterproof and very comfortable. Our Escape guides wear them, we really think they are perfect for your next adventure! 2-days shipping with Amazon Prime.
    I want to share this unforgettable experience with my girlfriends, can I make a group booking?
    If you are a 4 person group you can book directly for the whole party on the website (4 spots) and you will get an immediate 15% off. If you are 2, 3 friends you will share the experience with other women and make new lifetime friendships.
    I am coming just by myself, will I feel comfortable?
    Yes, definitely! You will meet other women who come by themselves and enjoy the amazing Escape’s group dynamic and sisterhood.
    What if I want to cancel my trip after I booked it?
    Here is our cancellation policy: Refunds for the value can be given with at least forty (40) days notice. A full trip credit will be given for cancellations at least twenty-five (25) days from the date of departure. Trip credit will be given on a coupon code form to be used for your next Escape. No refunds or trip credits will be issued less than twenty-five (25) days before the departure. Weather conditions: light rain or merely a forecast of adverse weather will not affect the schedule. If a trip is rescheduled due to major weather conditions, we will notify you a minimum of twelve (12) hours before the trip. If your trip is canceled due to weather, trail, or river conditions, you will receive a full credit for a future trip, or you may transfer to the next available date for the event.

    The All-Included Gear Option

    Select the "all gear included" option and the following items will be waiting for you the day of departure:

    tent, sleeping bag, backpack, headlamp, sleeping bag liner, inflatable sleeping pad, hiking poles, individual first aid kit, rain protection, camping pillow.

    Thank you for your booking!

    We will send you an email shortly with some follow-up questions to ensure that you have the best experience possible.